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Al-Hiraa Manpower Consultant.

Al-Hiraa as a company is specialized in man power consulting, providing human resources to companies mainly in the region of the ‘Middle East’ like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Yemen and more.

Skilled People

Skilled labour is a segment of the work force with a high skill level that creates significant economic value through the work performed and which involves complicated tasks that require specific skill sets, education, training and experience, and may involve abstract thinking. A skilled worker who has such skills, training ,knowledge and ability in their work can apply for Technical and Mechanical jobs, Back Office job, Hotel staff, Operators, Electricians, AC Technician, Mason, Shuttering, Carpenters, Bar bender, Welders, Plumbers, Pipe fitters, Rigger, Scaffolder, Safety Officers, Engineers, Instrument Technician etc.

  • 95%
    Employer Satisfaction
  • 85%
    Employee Satisfaction

Unskilled People

Unskilled labour is a segment of the work force associated with a low skill level or a limited economic value for the work performed (human capital). They are generally characterized by low education levels and small wages. Work that requires no specific education or experience is often available to workers who fall into the unskilled labor force. Similar to skilled labor segment of work force, we don't let them go empty handed from our organisation. We make sure that they too get their desired job. They can apply for Mechanical Helper, Civil Helper, Gardeners, Office Boys, Sweepers, Cleaners, Dishwashers, etc.

  • 95%
  • 90%
Recruitment Procedure

3 Steps to achieve your dream job.

In order to find a good job these days, it is very important to know in advance what kind of job you are looking for. Being clear but flexible about your ambitions will help you greatly in your quest for a new and better job. Our committment towards this view point has helped us in placing talented professionals with leading companies in the world.

Tips and Tricks


First Step

Forward your Resume

We will match your CV to that of our client requirements. The shortlisted resumes are then sent to the client for their kind consideration.


Crucial Step

Face the Interview

Once patched up with the client requirements, you will receive a confirmation call and an interview with the HR will be scheduled respectively.


Final Step

Visa and Flight Tickets

Once the medical process is over and you get cleared with it. We process your visa documents to the Embassy and book the flight tickets accordingly.


Various Sectors We Deal In.

Get enthralled to the world of opportunities. We are Kolkata's leading manpower outsourcing company in Middle East such as Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Jobs for One and All.

Placing talented Professionals with Leading Companies.
We have recruited over many job seekers till date, satisfying hundreds of clients all over the world.


What Can We Do For You?

By working with Al-Hiraa, you will gain access to the largest possible pool of available candidates due to our long-standing prominence in the market, regular media presence, and a fully searchable database of over 1,50,000 quality candidates.


We'd Love To Hear From You.

Our quick and friendly responses to your queries mark us ahead of all our competitors. Share with us your small as well as big doubts. We are always there at your service.

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